Dolphin’s Pearl™ deluxe

Game Description

Dolphin’s Pearl™ deluxe - screenshot

Your chances of winning with Dolphin’s Pearl™ deluxe are as endless as the depths of the ocean. 10 win lines on 5 reels in the regular game, as well as numerous bonus games will ensure your treasure hunt on the ocean floor is a successful one.

Your aim is to land 5 identical symbols along a win line. In the regular game, every winning combination begins on the left and runs along the win line to the right. To win, the symbols must lie next to each other without any other symbols between them. The Dolphin symbol (joker) can be used as a substitute for all symbols except for the scatter (Pearl Mussel) symbol.

Type of game “Video slot machine”. 5 reels and 10 play lines. The payout percentage of the game ranges from 92% to 98%.

Means of payment used in gambling

You can pay for the game by pressing the PAY IN button at the top of the page where different payment methods are offered. First, the amount is transferred to your play account, from which it is possible to pay for the game.

Value of one credit point: EUR 0,01
Minimum bet per one play line: EUR 0,01
Maximum bet per one play line: EUR 1,00
Maximum winning in the main game: EUR 9 000
Maximum GAMBLE winning: EUR 10 000

Description of the playing process

  1. Selection of the active play lines.
    The player selects active play lines by using buttons + or – on the screen below the title LINES.

  2. Selection of the bet amount. The player selects amount of credit points which he or she will bet on one play line by using buttons + or – below the title BET/LINE. If the amount of credit points available to the player is lesser than total amount of bets per whole game, it must be reduced. You can change the amount of bet per one play line before commencing the game. You can see the total bet per move under the BET.

  3. Activation of the reels.
    In order to commence the game, the player must press either START or AUTOPLAY button, and the reels will start to spin.

  4. Stop of the reels.
    After 1 to 5 seconds the reels will stop automatically or by pressing the START button.

  5. Winning.
    The winnings overview is shown under the PAYTABLE button. The winning combinations have to be in a line from left to right, excluding the wild card symbols. All winnings are only on the selected lines, excluding the wild card symbol. If the winning combination of symbols appears on the reels after they stop, the bet of respective line shall be multiplied by the winning coefficient. All winning combinations acquired during one move shall be summed. After the game or one stage thereof the acquired winning shall be automatically summed with credit points available to the player. The amount won can be seen at the bottom of the screen in the section LAST WIN and on the line of the acquired winning. The current playing balance may be seen in the CREDIT window.

Additional characteristics of the game

Activate automatic operation of the interactive slot machine by using the AUTOPLAY key and stop the operation by pressing the AUTOPLAY key or when the credit runs out. If the DOLPHIN symbol appears on any of the reels, it replaces any other symbol, excluding the PEARL symbol; furthermore, aforementioned DOLPHIN symbol doubles the winning.

Doubling the winnings

After winning the main game and free game, the player may try doubling the winning acquired by pressing the GAMBLE key. The player has to guess the color of the closed cards shown on the screen. Maximum 5 guesses are available, without amount limitations. If the player selects red color, he or she must press the RED button, but, if the player selects black color, he or she must press the BLACK button. In order to ease the choice, in the upper corner of the screen you can see the card symbols which appeared previously. Pressing the COLLECT button will stop the game and winning will be transferred to the “Credit” window.

Bonus games

If the player gets 3, 4 or 5 PEARL symbols, he or she earns an opportunity to play 15 free games. If during the free games PEARL symbols appear again, 15 free games once more are awarded to the player. Bonus games shall be played according to previous bet and number of lines. All winnings shall triple during the free games.

End of game

The game ends when the player runs out of credit. You can end the game by pressing the EXIT button.

Procedure for receiving the winning

In order to receive the winning, the player must exit the game by pressing the EXIT button. Visit the PAYOUT section and specify the amount of winning which you wish to transfer to your bank account.

Procedure for the examination of complaints

If the player, after the game or during it, has any complaint about the game, he or she has the right to submit such complaint within 30 days from its occurrence to the gambling organizer via e-mail to or by calling the client support line at +371 67301090. The gambling organizer shall examine complaint within 3 working days from the day of receipt of the complaint and provide an answer as fast as it is possible by personally addressing the submitter via phone or e-mail.

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